FAQ Section

The warranty clause

The warranty clause apply to the production manufacture and sell in Suma’s.

The warranty clause only apply to the firsthand consumer (hereinafter reffered to as consumer) purchase from the Suma’s franchise or authorization agency.

Please read in detail before usage.
  Suma company assume limited warranty to consumer in following situation:
During warranty period, we responsible to repair or replace with the same type product (or the similar type if there is no same, Suma company owns the explanation) if the production’s damaged by material or manufacture.

warranty period

  1. Faucet and bathroom accessories is backed by 5 years warranty.
  2. Ceramic product and glass showers room is backed by 5 years warranty.
  3. Electrical appliances and mirrors is backed by 1 year warranty.
  4. Jacuzzi is backed by 3 years warranty for machine;5 years warranty for body.

Suma company is responsible to repair or replace if found it's defect product.

The consumer bears all the expenses for sending the product to Suma's maintenance department or its authorized maintenance point.

If you need this warranty service, please contact the local Suma sanitary dealers,indicating the product model, at the same time, attach a valid purchase products effective purchase invoice which is refers to the unified supervision by the department of fiscal and taxation invoice.

During the warranty period, Suma company would provide service according to the seriousness of the problem of product defect or quality problem.

During the warranty period, when the product quality problem occurs, the consumer suggested to take the above measures.

Do we have quality insurance or not??

Yes absolutely we have quality insurance.

Do you have warranty for your all products?